Applaws Cat Broth Pouch 70g


High meat content.

Rich in protein.

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Part of Applaws Broth range, these tasty pouches are filled with real meat. Your cat will love the rich flavours contained in every pouch. Because of the high meat content in these pouches, they are protein rich.

The easily identifiable meat content in these products also makes them ideal for cats with allergies.

Manufacturers feeding recommendations (whist these are general recommendations, it should be remembered that the requirements of individual cats may vary in accordance with age, size and overall levels of activity.):

  • Small (up to 3kg): 1 pouch per day.
  • Medium (3-5kg): 2 pouches per day.
  • Large (5kg+): 3+ pouches per day.

Always ensure fresh drinking water is available.

Additional information

Weight .840 kg

Chicken and Asparagus, Chicken and Pumpkin, Chicken and Rice, Tuna and Anchovy, Tuna and Seabream, Tuna and Prawn, Multipack


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