Aviform Ultimate 11:1 (Various Sizes)


Peak health, condition and performance.

Improved stamina and recovery.

Pigeonguard that helps prevent canker, cocci and worms.

New with added Electrolytes/Trace elements for improved recovery.

Amino Acids and Nucleotides to help muscle tissue regeneration.

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Aviform Ultimate 11in1 provides 13 high potency vitamins to help ensure peak health, condition and performance. This includes HY D a potent vitamin D metabolite to support effective calcium absorption for egg quality and strength properties. Added DMG for improved stamina and recovery, essential oils for perfect feather condition and improved digestion. A Prebiotic to help prevent bad bug build up and utilisation of nutrients. Pigeonguard, which is unique to Aviform Ultimate 11in1 helps prevent canker, cocci and worms. Aviform Ultimate 11in1 also contains Electrolytes/Trace Elements to assist with recovery after racing and Amino Acids for even greater feather condition and the functioning of muscles. Finally, added Nucleotides assist with cell production, growth and tissue repair. The specification of Aviform Ultimate 11in1 is totally unique.

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