Beaphar Intensief 10g


Complementary food supplement to intensify pigment in feathers of birds.

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Beaphar Intensief is a highly palatable, complementary food supplement containing carophyll red to effectively intensify the red colouration of your bird’s coloured feathers.

When used during moulting, Beaphar Intensief will increase the red pigmentation of the new feathers. Beaphar Intensief is easy-to-use and can be added to Beaphar Fortified Eggfood, Beaphar Universal Food or your bird’s drinking water.

Ideal for canaries, linnets, goldfinches, cardinals, flamingos and other coloured birds.

Manufacturers recommendations for use:

Beaphar Intensief may be added to Beaphar Fortified Eggfood, Beaphar Universal Food or your bird’s drinking water. As a general rule, it is recommended to feed a mixture of 10g Beaphar Intensief to 1kg of food, or 10g Beaphar Intensief dissolved in 1 litre of water.

Once Beaphar Intensief has been mixed with eggfood, rearing food or water, the mixture will turn red. Birds fed Beaphar Intensief may pass red droppings. This is normal and indicates a sufficient intake.

Beaphar Intensief must be prepared daily for use in either drinking water or feed mix.

For best results, start feeding Beaphar Intensief twice a day at least one week before the moulting season, and continue to feed during moulting. To avoid losing the red pigmentation in the feathers do not stop feeding Beaphar Intensief. Most canary breeders offer Beaphar Intensief daily throughout the year.

During breeding, Beaphar Intensief can be fed up to a maximum of four times a day.

Do not mix Beaphar Intensief with seed. Do not exceed the recommended amount.

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