Beaphar Locust Bean Treats 85g


Natural treats made from dried locust bean pods.

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Beaphar Locust Bean Treats are delicious, natural treats, made from 100% dried locust bean pods, for small animals. Dried locust bean pods are naturally sweet and extremely palatable to small animals, especially rabbits.

Beaphar Locust Bean Treats will provide your pet with enrichment and an irresistible treat. Beaphar Locust Bean Treats are ideal for putting inside small animal treat balls or sprinkling on your pet’s bedding to encourage natural foraging behaviour.

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters and other small animals.

IMPORTANT: Not suitable for degus.

Manufacturers recommendations for use:

Give your pet a few Beaphar Locust Bean Treats per day as an enrichment or treat.

Always have fresh drinking water available.

Not for use in rabbits intended for human consumption. Do not give to degus. For animal use only.

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