Bestpets Guinea Pig Mix 15kg


A complementary food suitable for guinea pigs.

A complimentary food specially formulated to provide essential ingredients for a balanced and healthy diet of fibre, protein, oil, vitamins and minerals.

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Feeding and care guides:

  • Guinea pig food should be made available each morning. The average guinea pig will need between 30-50g of mix per day.
  • Fresh greens, vegetables and fruits such as apples, chickweed, cauliflower leaves, broccoli and dandelion greens must be well washed prior to offering them. Never offer food direct from the refrigerator.
  • A daily amount of good clean hay is essential in aiding the guinea pig’s digestion.
  • Clean drinking water should always be available, either using a water bowl or more hygienically a water bottle. Water should ideally be changed twice a day.
  • A good quality earthenware food bowl is essential to keep the food clean and dry. Plastic bowls should be avoided as guinea pigs can chew or knock them over.

Composition: Pellets (Wheat/Wheatfeed, Grass Meal, Oatfeed, Nutritionally Improved Straw, Distillers, Rapeseed Meal, Palm Kernel, Molasses, Calcium Carbonate, Di-calcium Phosphate, Salt, Vitamin Premix), Extruded Biscuit (coloured with EC additives E102, E110 & E131), Flaked Peas, Flaked Beans, Flaked Maize, Oats, Locust Beans, Sunflower Seed.

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