Ferplast Revolving Bird Feeder Brava 2


The bird feeders in Ferplast’s Brava range are designed to be easy to use and very practical.

The main feature of all the feeders is that they are removable and all have a swivel function, making it easier to fill and clean them.

To fill the feeders with food, just turn them outwards.

For cleaning and maintenance, you can remove them from their casing without any danger of your bird escaping.

In addition, the locking system triggers a safety lock, preventing your feathered friends from moving the feeder, thus also avoiding accidental leakages.

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– Removable and revolving.

– No need to remove the feeder to fill it with food.

– Security lock to avoid bird escaping.

– Easy to clean and mantain.

– Four sizes for all bird species.

Dimensions: 11 x 8,5 x h 13 cm.

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