Hugo Kamishi Catfish Pellets


Complementary feeding for all tropical and cold water fish.

Perfect for bottom feeders.

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Catfish are carnivorous bottom feeders – it’s therefore essential that they are getting the right food. Since they are scavengers, there is a probability that they are also eating leftovers from other fish too. Because of this, you need to be careful not to over-feed. Always follow recommended guidelines.

Feeding guide: Feed this product 2-3 times per day (only as much as can be consumed within 2 minutes)

Ingredients: Fish meal, Maize gluten, Wheat, Vital wheat gluten, Sunflower seed expeller (organically grown), Rape seed oil, Fish oil, Soya (bean) meal, Lysine, Minerals, Vitamins

Analytical constituents: Oils & Fats 21.0%, Calcium 0.9%, Protein 41.7%, Phosphorus 0.8%, Ash 5.7%, Sodium 0.3%, Fibre 3.2% Store in a cool, dry place.

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