Interpet Goldfish Disease Safe 100ml


An easy-to-use one-dose treatment, useful for the treatment of freshwater ornamental fish at early stages of disease.

One pipette treats 0.57 litres of water, one cap treats 2.65 litres of water.

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Most diseases for goldfish, if caught early on, are treatable. This product can be used at the first signs of illness (such as bottom sitting, erratic or unusual swimming behavior, blood streaked or ragged fins, loss of balance, white fluff-like substances on the fish, white spots, and many more). Simply measure the volume of water in your tank and administer the recommended dose.

One bottle treats up to 57 litres of water (one pipette treats 0.57 litres, one cap treats 2.65 litres). This works out at only 8.5ml per 5 litres of water.

Goldfish Disease Safe is safe to use in tanks, bowls and orbs, and should not harm filters, plants or most other fish.

Do not use this product on Mormyrids. Whilst this is intended as a one-dose treatment, if re-dosing or other medication is required, ensure that you follow all recommended instructions. In the event of a re-dose, ensure you wait 7 days and carry out a 30% water change.

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