Johnston and Jeff Peanut Granules (Various Sizes)


These are very fine grade pieces of peanut including the nib. Confectioners remove nibs to increase the shelf life of products like peanut butter. But it’s the nib which contains the majority of all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements of the peanut as well as being high in oils and protein, which of course is why we use them. So our granules have excellent nutritional value, are high in energy and are easily digestible. And they’re good for fledglings and small birds who can’t handle whole peanuts but need the nutrients. All our peanut pieces are finely sieved before they are added to make sure that whole peanuts haven’t slipped in. PLEASE ONLY FEED WHOLE PEANUTS FROM WIRE MESH FEEDERS.


Composition: 100% peanut

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1kg, 12.5kg


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