Komodo Den Corner (Various Colours and Sizes)


The ideal corner basking spot which offers your reptile or amphibian with a safe place to hide.

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The importance of a dedicated hiding area for many species should never be underestimated, it can be key to maintaining a healthy, calm, reptile.

The Komodo Corner Basking Platform & Hide provides a perfect basking spot for reptiles with terraced steps for easy access. The ramp design also creates a hide beneath the platform, providing a safe & secure place for reptiles to hide away and find some shade. Without a safe spot to hide & sleep, reptiles and amphibians can easily become stressed which will affect their wellbeing & appetite. The hide area beneath also provides a shelter or cooler, moister area in the terrarium. Add some damp moss for added enrichment, which will also help increase the humidity and encourage shedding. The Platform fits neatly in a corner and allows easy observation of the reptiles without disturbing them. Made from high density resin, it’s easy to keep clean, hygienic (minimises bacterial growth) and low maintenance.

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