Lodi Racan B.E.T.A Bait Station


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The B.E.T.A bait station is a robust and fully secure medium-sized bait station used by professional pest controllers for indoor and outdoor use. Designed to securely hold and keep bait dry from the elements.

  • Ideal for securing Racan block baits and bait sachets.
  • Can be used with Racan Wooden and Plastic Mouse Snap Traps – sold separately.
  • Tamper proof and reusable.

B.E.T.A bait stations come with removable tray, bait fixing rod, universal key (opening BORA bait stations also), and wall fixing plate. The wall bracket and key supplied allow it to be easily secured against a wall.

Another special feature is the removable tray as the BETA can now be used with a ‘Racan Mouse Snap Trap’ inside.

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