Natures Calling Cat Litter (Various Sizes)


  • Superior Odour Control Blend of fibrous material has been proved to neutralize odour better than many other formulas
  • Fast Clumping Action Clumps on contact to form hardclumps within 15 minutes – making cleaning simple and quick
  • 100% Natural and Biodegradable Made from renewable resources so it’s kinder to the enviroment
  • Low Dust Virtually dust free, and it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins
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It’s secret? Nature’s Calling is made from the lining of walnut shells, making it natural, biodegradable and, most importantly, highly effective. Try it for yourself. Because in a nutshell, this is the litter you’ve been waiting for.

Composition: Made from the re-claimed lining of walnut shells.

Additives: None

Analytical Constituents: None

Natural Declaration: 100% Natural

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