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At Pedigree, we believe that dogs are good for us and their wonderful innocence brings out the best in us. The Pedigree complete range of tasty and wholesome dog food and rewarding dog treats delivers everything that is essential to support and fuel their love of life. So that day after day, dog owners can feed the good in their dogs.

Pedigree Dry Complete Adult Dog Beef and Vegetables 12kg dry dog food is 100% complete and balanced and made with selected natural ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals, delivering everything that is essential to fuel all dogs exuberant love of life.


Cereals *, Meat and Animal Derivatives (17%, including 4% Beef in the Brown KIbbles **), Oils and Fats (including Sunflower Oil 0.4%), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (including Dried Beet Pulp 3% *), Vegetable Protein Extracts, Minerals, Vegetables * (including 0.5% Dried Carrot (equivalent to 4% Carrot) in the Orange Kibbles and 1% Dried Peas (equivalent to 4% Peas) in the Green KIbbles **), *Natural ingredients, **Brown Kibbles typically 80% of product, Orange Kibbles and Green Kibbles both typically 10% of product each

Analytical Constituents

Protein: 21.6%, Fat content: 11.2%, Inorganic matter: 7%, Crude fibre: 2.6%, Calcium: 1.1%, Phosphorus: 0.71%

Nutritional Additives

Vitamin D3: 1496 IU, Vitamin E: 99.6 mg, Copper (Copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate): 6.9 mg, Iodine (Potassium iodide): 1.7 mg, Manganese (Manganous sulphate, monohydrate): 31.4 mg, Selenium (Sodium selenite): 0.30 mg, Zinc (Zinc sulphate, monohydrate): 89.0 mg

Feeding Guide

Dog’s Weight
Amount per day

95g of dry food can be replaced with one 400 g can of PedigreeĀ® wet food (63 kcal/100 g).

Account for the calories coming from treats. Feeding amounts are intended as guidelines only. Adjust the amount of food according to the age, size and activity level of your dog. Divide into portion for feeding throughout the day. Please introduce food gradually when switching diets. Fresh water should always be available.

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