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ROYAL CANIN® Babycat Milk is specially formulated to support harmonious growth in first-age kittens and be as close as possible to maternal milk.

A kitten’s digestive health develops gradually in its early weeks, so a diet that helps to support healthy digestion is key. ROYAL CANIN® Babycat Milk contains a lactose content very similar to that of maternal milk. This exclusive, instant formula dissolves quickly with no sediment and is comprised of carefully selected, highly digestible proteins and prebiotics that help to support healthy digestion. Kittens are not able to digest starch, so to further support a healthy digestive environment, ROYAL CANIN® Babycat Milk is starch-free.

Your kitten’s natural defences and nervous system continue to develop after birth. ROYAL CANIN® Babycat Milk is enriched with an essential Omega-3 fatty acid called DHA. DHA is naturally present in maternal milk and plays a role in supporting your kitten’s cognitive function as it develops. It is recommended that you refer to the on-pack feeding guide to make sure your kitten gets the appropriate volume for optimal support. All our products undergo extensive quality checks to ensure that when your kitten eats ROYAL CANIN® Babycat Milk, it’s getting complete and balanced nutrition to support a healthy start to life. Feeding kit (bottles, teats and scoop) included.

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