The Wild Antler Co. Half Antler


Tasty and long lasting natural treat – good for dental health.

Suitable for dogs who have not eaten antlers before, and puppies.

Always supervise your dog with these treats.

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These natural treats are ideal for dogs that like to chew. Sturdy, durable and long-lasting, these half-antlers can last several hours. High in minerals, flavorful and entertaining.

Dogs love the softer marrow in antlers. Because the marrow is more exposed in the half-antler range, they not as tough as whole antlers (and likely will not last as long). Because of this, we recommend half antlers as an excellent starting-point for dogs who have not had any experience with antlers in the past – once they develop a taste for the soft marrow, they will happy to spend the time working their way through the solid exterior of the antler.

These half antlers are also excellent for teething puppies.

The Wild Antler Co. uses antler pieces which are naturally shed by deers. Because these are natural treats, size, shape and colour may vary from the images provided.

It is always recommended that you supervise your dog with these treats.

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