Trixie Pet Cooling Mat Blue


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  • Nylon feel (polyester)
  • Supports thermoregulation
  • Cooling effect through body contact
  • Works without additional cooling, electricity or water
  • Cools for several hours
  • Ready to be used again after a short interruption
  • Can also be used e.g. on beds, in dog kennels or in the car
  • Simply wipe to clean
  • Compliant with animal welfare under Section 18 (AT)
  • Ingredients of the cooling liquid: 96.8 % water, 3.0 % carboxymethylcellulose sodium, 0.2 % preservatives

Tip: Do not use in the sun. Do not use or store at temperatures over 45 °C. The gel contained might get too hot and turn liquid, and as a result lose its cooling effect.

Moisture can form on the cooling mat due to temperature fluctuations. Therefore, we recommend that the mat is not folded or stored in the original carton, but spread out and dried with a cloth if necessary.

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Weight 4 kg

Small (40x30cm), Medium (50x40cm), Large (65x50cm), Extra Large (90x50cm), Extra-Extra Large (110x70cm)