Versele-Laga Budgie Prestige Condition 20kg


High quality seeds breeding and conditioning mixture

  • High quality seed mixture for budgies
  • Ideal for breeding – brings the budgies in breeding condition
  • Keeps the exhibition-birds in good condition

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COMPOSITION: panicum yellow 27%, peeled oats 27%, Japanese millet 17%, yellow millet 10%, red millet 8%, rapeseed 5%, niger seed 3%, linseed 2%, canary seed 1%

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: protein 13.50%, fat content 9.00%, crude fibre 5.50%, crude ash 3.50%, calcium 0.08%, phosphorus 0.30%, lysine 0.40%, methionine 0.30%, threonine 0.44%

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Your birds will be in top condition when they regularly get a supplement of eggfood, vitamins and/or minerals (e.g. Orlux Gold Patee Small Parakeets, Oropharma Omni-Vit or Orlux Clay Bloc Mini).
Refresh feed and drinking water in time.

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