WaterLife Aquarium Starter Kit


The pack helps break down waste and remove things like chlorine.

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Waterlife’s new Starter pack is ideal for smaller aquarium set-ups or maintaining an existing tank. The pack treats up to 200 litres and contains:

  • 20ml Haloex (dechlorinator ) – advanced treatment to remove chlorine, chloramine, fluorine and metals found in tap water which are damaging to fish, invertebrates and plants.
  • 20ml Bacterlife (bacteria culture) – dormant bacteria culture which breaks down fish waste, preventing surges in ammonia and nitrite and kick-starting new filters.

Use Bacterlife daily in emergency water quality situations or once a week in to maintain water quality and use Haloex when initially filling the aquarium, every time you water change or top-up evaporation losses.

The box includes a user guide, explaining how to use each bottle

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