WaterLife pH Buffer 6.5 Acid 160g


Lowers pH and hardness of tap-water for acid loving fish and plants and creates ideal conditions for most tropical fish.

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Waterlife 6.5‘ is a very effective and easy to use pH buffer for tropical freshwater aquariums containing livestock that needs slightly acidic pH (pH 6.5), such as those containing many types of tetras, catfish and cichlids such as discus and freshwater angelfish etc.

WaterLife pH buffer:

  • Creates ideal water conditions for acid-loving fishes and plants
  • Softens the calcium carbonate/bicarbonate conditions to zero
  • When used in conjunction with Tropiflora (plant fertiliser) it makes a perfect combination for vigorous plant growth
  • Reduces fish waste toxicity  an harmful bacteria
  • Use in conjunction with Waterlife broad range test kit to monitor pH

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