Frenchie that keeps on farting? Here’s why and what you can do about it!

Frenchie that keeps on farting? Here’s why and what you can do about it!

Frenchies have built up a bit of a reputation for their cute features and happy nature – but one thing that lots of people don’t come to realise until they have a French Bulldog of their own is how prone they are to… errr… let it go…

If your French bulldog keeps farting, it can be a little embarrassing – and you’re not alone in trying to find a solution to make life a little less smelly. Luckily we’ve got experience in this area, so here are our top tips for clearing away some of the noxious gases from your life.

Why does this breed fart so much?

Lots of people who own French Bulldogs are quick to pass the breed off as being naturally flatulent. Is this true… well, yes and no.

Frenchies come within a family of dogs with short noses (called brachycephalic breeds; the same as Pugs, Boxers and Pekingese). Because their noses are so short they literally have to inhale their food into their mouth quickly – taking in a big gulp of air with every mouthful. The problem with this is all that air eventually has to come out again – and since you’ve found your way here i’m guessing you’ve become quite familiar with how.

So to this extent, the breed does have a natural tendency to toot. But another large cause of farting in Frenchies is actually linked to their diet – you’ve always got to remember that the quality of what you put into your dog will impact on what comes out the other end. Foods with a high dairy, wheat or grain content, or poor quality foods, will increase your dog’s natural emissions.

So now you know why it happens, let’s show you how you can help it.

Our top recommendations for reducing gassiness

(1) Slow feeder bowl

Because a large part of the flatulence of French Bulldogs is caused by gulping air when inhaling their food, one of the first things you can try is a slow-feeder bowl. By slowing your dog down, you are encouraging them to chew their food and so there is less opportunity for pockets of air to form during digestion.

You could also consider opting for smaller sized kibble. Because of the smaller surface area, there is less room for the air to get trapped during eating – which ultimately means there is less build-up during the digestive process so your dog will fart less.

Happy Pet Stainless Steel Bowl


These stainless steel bowls from Happy Pet are really easy to clean. Their weightiness helps to ensure your dog won’t be able to tip them over and send their food scattering across the floor – meaning they’ll still get the benefit of the slow feed design.


(2) Wheat free food

Take a look at what food you’re currently feeding your dog. If you’re reading through the ingredients and finding a high percentage of wheat, then you could consider swapping to a wheat-free diet.

Wheat and oats are high in fibre and starch. You’ll find this in the majority of whole-grain products. Because these sorts of fibres are not easily digested, it tends to ferment in the gut and creates additional gas (sometimes leading to bloating).

Burgess Sensitive Complete Dog Food

£6.95 to £35.95 (depending on bag size)

Burgess Sensitive’s wheat free range are one of our go-to staples when it comes to Frenchie flatulence. There are four types to choose from: puppy turkey, adult lamb, adult turkey and adult salmon.

Forthglade Complete Wet Food with Brown Rice

£23.95 for 18 trays

Forthglade is another go-to when it comes to any form of wheat based allergy or intolerance. With a high meat content and only identifiable ingredients, it can entice even the fussiest eaters to enjoy their dinner.


(3) Grain free food

Removing the grains from your dogs diet will also help reduce flatulence – for best results to minimise farting in your French Bulldog, go for a diet that is both grain and wheat free.

Ideally you need to be looking for a food that has a high meat content. This is because your dog’s body finds it easier to digest meat proteins compared to vegetable proteins and grains. The other benefit of this is that, in terms of quantity, you don’t have to feed as much! This can be really beneficial for helping to reduce farting in your French Bulldog by limiting the opportunity for them to inhale air when they eat.


Peejay Pets Grain Free Complete Dog Food

£12.95 to £48.95 (depending on bag type and size)

When it comes to finding a good quality grain free food with a high meat content, then you should definitely consider the Peejay Pets Grain Free range of complete dry kibble. You won’t find a single product in this range with less than 50% meat/fish content.


Acana and Orijen Complete Dog Food

£14.50 to £73.95 (depending on type and bag size)

Acana and Orijen foods have some of the highest meat contents on the market. Their high protein content means your Frenchie will be getting all the nutrients they need in an easy-to-digest format.


Forthglade Complete Grain Free Wet Food

£23.95 for 18 trays

Forthglade is another go-to when it comes to to grain free meals also (if you haven’t guesses, their range of foods really is quite wide!) With a high meat content and only identifiable ingredients, it can entice even the fussiest eaters to enjoy their dinner.


(4) Raw food

With a French Bulldog that keeps on farting, you want to make digesting food as easy as possible – opting for a raw diet can really help with this because of just how quickly your dog’s body is able to process it. Because raw diets contain only digestible meats which your dog’s body can quickly convert into energy, not only is there less poo, but less chance for gases to ferment in your dog’s stomach.


Nutriwolds Raw Food

£3.95 to £5.95

Nutriwolds offer a range of chunky (or finer textured) complete meals for your dog. Packed with locally sourced meat, your dog will love this range of food.


(5) Granulated charcoal

Another way you could seek to address your dog’s flatulence is through use of charcoal. Charcoal is naturally porous which gives it a higher surface area – what this means for your Frenchie is that it helps to absorb gases and toxins in the stomach.


Granulated Charcoal


Hatchwell’s Charcoal Granules are cost effective and really easy to use! Instead of struggling with getting your dog to swallow a tablet, you can simply mix a couple of tablespoons of these granules into their food. This means it will be effective almost as soon as they start eating.


What happens if it doesn’t go away?

If your dog’s farting doesn’t disspate, then the other thing to consider is whether it could be health-related. Irritable bowel syndrome, stomach infections and inflammatory bowel syndrome are a few possible factors that it could be. If your Frenchie’s flatulence is becoming a bit concerning, then speak to your vet.