We’ve been here once before. Just like last time, we’re staying open. We have our tills manned, our warehouse well stocked, smiles beneath our masks and our number one priority remains keeping you safe.

If you’re shopping with us in store, please make note of the following procedures:

  • Wear a mask (unless you are exempt);
  • Keep two metres distance from staff and other shoppers;
  • Wash your hands when you enter the shop;
  • Don’t panic buy;
  • Only make essential journeys;
  • Try to avoid touching things in store unless you plan to buy them;
  • Pay with contactless where you can.

Your frequently asked questions:

Are you still open?

Yes – please pay reference to the above safety procedures.

Have your opening hours changed?

No. We are open 8:30 till 17:30 (Mon to Sat) and 10:00 till 16:00 (on Sundays).

Do you have hand sanitiser stations?

Yes we do – right at the front of our store as you walk in we have a sanitising station on the right hand side of the wall and also one besides the till. We keep this topped-up, but if you notice it’s running a little low please inform a member of staff.

Are you still accepting cash?

Yes. We are still accepting cash in both of our stores (though, where possible, we do ask that you pay with contactless). However, please remember that we cannot accept any notes or coins if you lick your finger before handing them to us. We also are not accepting cash for deliveries, as a general rule.

Can I still bring my pet in store?

Provided the store is not busy, your pets are still welcome in our shop.

Can I still bring my children in store?

Of course! But we must stress that we cannot have large family groups in the store at any one time. Also, please keep an eye on your children whilst in store to ensure they are keeping themselves (and everyone else) safe.

Can you still fit my dog for a collar/harness/muzzle/headcollar?

Provided the store is not too busy, and your dog is happy with being two metres away from you whilst we work, we’re still able to offer this service. But it might be worthwhile you giving us a call in advance, we might be able to recommend a quiet time!

Can you still give me advice on my animal?

We’re always happy to! But please remember to keep a two metre distance from our staff at all times.

One last little thing… Stay safe! And whether it’s in our stores, over the phone or online, we’ll see you soon!