Are Your Pets Keeping Cool This Summer?

Many pets struggle to keep cool in the summer heat; their furry coats are built to keep heat in, not let it out! It is essential for the health and overall comfort of your animals that you find ways to beat the heat.

Our wide range of cooling products will help to ensure that your dogs, cats, and small animals can keep cool and hydrated.

Forthglade Wet and Dry Foods

Forthglade believes your pets’ food should be wholesome, nourishing and uncomplicated so they keep their recipes simple and their meals naturally nutritious

Catit Nuna Insect Range

As carnivores, cats need a protein-rich diet to stay healthy. Catit Nuna includes whole Hermetia Illucens grubs, a true superfood bursting with protein and many other nutrients such as vitamins, omega 6, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and minerals. Our grubs are carefully dried into a fine nutritious flour before mixing into our recipe.

Nutriwolds Raw Food

Nutriwolds source the majority of their produce from local UK ethical suppliers, many in the heart of Yorkshire, such as Pork proudly from Anna’s Happy Trotters, and Herb Fed Chicken from Edward’s Farm in York.

If you’re considering a raw diet, we’d definitely recommend you try Nutriwolds range of raw complete minces. Take a look by clicking the link below!

Natures Variety Range

Quality, natural ingredients you recognise sourced from trusted suppliers, combined in nourishing and delicious recipes with no aggressive processes or artificial nasties. That’s Nature’s Variety. Everything you need and more to give your dog or cat the natural goodness they need to stay healthy, happy and full of fun.

It's Rabbit Awareness Week!

Rabbit Awareness Week is Happening from 28th June – 4th July!

As we learn more about the best way to care for rabbits, each small healthy change increases their life expectancy! With more Old Age Bunnies around, it is essential that owners know how to care for their rabbits through all life stages.

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