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Suitable for Cats and Kittens over 8 weeks of age. it deodorises, beautifes, and helps to cleanse fleas from the coat. Use periodically, also groom regularly to help keep cats flea free.

Directions for use

Always ready product label before use

  1. Mix Shampoo 20ml into 150ml of warm water.
  2. Wet coat thoroughly with warm water and apply the mixture.
  3. Massage well into coat, but use finger tips around the head, taking care to avoid eyes, ears and mouth.
  4. Rinse coat well with clean warm water and towel dry thoroughly. Long haired cats with a dense undercoat may also require the careful use of a hair dryer.
  5. Brush and comb for a lustrous finish. Always keep pets warm after bathing – never leave a wet cat in a cold environment.

This Shampoo should be used as part of a programme to help keep pets and their surroundings free from fleas. 4 Fleas tablets may first be used to deal with flea infestation on pets and after shampooing a flea collar or flea drops may be used to help protect against re-infestation.

Also treat pet bedding and regular resting areas such as carpets and soft furnishings with a household insecticide and vacuum regularly. Wash or change pet bedding regularly.

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