Catit Go Natural Pea Husk Cat Litter 14L


  • Absorbs up to 3 times its own weight in moisture
  • 99% dust-free and low-tracking
  • Delicately scented, with odour control
  • Easy to scoop
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Catit Go Natural is a new range of litters, based on natural, sustainable resources, unlike many mineral cat litters. Plant-based litters are a safer and more planet-friendly litter choice. Finally, your cat can ‘go’ as they would in nature.

The eco friendly Catit Go Natural Pea Husk Clumping Cat Litter is made from sustainable and renewable pea outer fibres. Catit recycle empty pea husks that would otherwise get discarded, and mix in raw, food-grade materials such as starch, corn powder, and guar gum as natural clumping agents. The result is a strong-clumping cat litter. With an appealing look, Go Natural clumps naturally without a speck of dust, and is highly absorbent at a ratio of up to 300%. This is what they call true natural beauty.

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