HY Health Sportwrap Bandages


These sportwrap bandages are…

  • Strong;
  • Easy to tear;
  • Flexible;
  • Supportive.
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Sportwraps are self-adhesive bandages – which means it sticks to itself, not your pet’s fur. Whilst they are often used as leg protection for horses (particularly at events), they have a wide variety of uses across all different creatures (from furry animals like dogs and cats, to feathered birds).

These bandages can be used to bind wounds and wrap hooves (just ensure you use the appropriate padding and dressings underneath). Because they are water resistant, they are ideal for general use across a range animals, alongside being breathable to allow for air circulation.

If you are concerned about your animal chewing or ripping the bandage off, we recommend using this product in conjunction with a dressing tape (such as the HY Health Sportwrap Bandage Tape), which will help keep everything in place.

Additional information

Weight .07 kg

10cm x 4.5cm


Bright Green, Bright Pink, Hunter Green, Navy


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