Interpet Ammonia Remover 125ml


Helps to reduce toxic ammonia in the water, keeping fish safe.

Always follow manufacturer’s directions when administering product.

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Whilst naturally occurring, ammonia is a toxic substance which can harm (or even kill) fish. Whilst some chemical filters will break it down into less harmful compounds, this can be a slow process and doesn’t always work – this is where Interpet’s fast-acting Ammonia Remover comes in especially handy. The ideal level for ammonia in healthy tanks is zero. The best way to check if your tank is being affected is through use of a test kit.

This product can be used in conjunction with Interpet Tap Safe to assist in the removal of the harmful substance chloramine from tap water.

Water should always be re-tested after treatment in order to ensure optimum levels of ammonia (at zero) are present.

This product should not be used in conjunction with Interpet’s Anti Crustacean Parasite fish medication until all post-treatment water changes are completed.

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