Beaphar Worming Bird 10ml


Veterinary strength medicine for the treatment of roundworm and hairworm infestations in birds.

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Beaphar Bird Wormer is an effective, veterinary strength medicine containing levamisole hydrochloride to treat roundworm and hairworm infestations in birds.

Beaphar Bird Wormer is easy-to-use by simply mixing into your bird’s drinking water or administering directly into their beak.

One bottle of Beaphar Bird Wormer contains sufficient product to treat 50 budgies or two to three parrots. Suitable for cage and aviary birds weighing more than 12.5g.

We recommend treating all birds in the cage or aviary at the same time, and treating the environment with a suitable insecticide.

Manufacturers recommendations for use:

Beaphar Bird Wormer can be given directly into your bird’s beak or dissolved into their drinking water. Birds must weigh at least 12.5g before being treated with Beaphar Bird Wormer.

Administration directly into the beak

Weigh your bird carefully and give 1 drop of Beaphar Bird Wormer per 12.5g of bodyweight, or use the following table to calculate the correct dose.

Birds weighing 25g: 2 drops
Birds weighing 25–50g: 4 drops
Birds weighing 50–100g:
4–8 drops
Birds weighing 100–200g:
8–16 drops
Birds weighing 200–300g:
16–24 drops
Birds weighing 300–400g:
24–32 drops
Birds weighing 400–500g:
32–40 drops
Birds weighing 500–600g:
40–48 drops
Birds weighing 600–700g:
48–56 drops
Birds weighing 700–800g:
56–64 drops
Birds weighing 800–900g:
64–72 drops
Birds weighing 900–1000g:
72–80 drops

Administration through drinking water

1. Dissolve 80 drops (4ml) of Beaphar Bird Wormer in 100ml of water.
2. Empty your bird’s current drinking bowl or bottle and replace the contents with the 100ml of water containing Beaphar Bird Wormer.
3. Remove any bathing water and other access to water in the cage or aviary.
4. Place the new bowl of drinking water containing Beaphar Bird Wormer back into the cage or aviary. Allow your bird to drink this water as they wish.
5. For the duration of the treatment* your bird must only obtain water from the bowl or bottle containing the treated water. It is important to feed your bird as normal, but do not provide any other water or moistened food during this time.
6. After the appropriate duration of treatment, empty the remaining water in the bowl or bottle and replace with clean fresh water. Your bird can now have normal access to bathing water and any moistened food.

Duration of treatment*

Canaries and finches: 24 hours. Repeat one week later if necessary.
Budgies, parakeets and parrots: 48 hours. Repeat once every 4 weeks in the presence of heavy infections.

Do not use in birds weighing less than 12.5g. Do not use in food producing animals. Do not use in any other species of animal. Do not use in sick or convalescent birds. If signs of disease persist or appear, consult a veterinary surgeon. In case of accidental human ingestion, seek medical advice and show the packet to the doctor. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water following treatment. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. For animal treatment only.

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